Our Church Events Offer Incredible Fellowship Opportunities

Church Group, Tulsa

  • Youth Group Outings
  • Holiday Gatherings and Events
  • Bible Study Sessions
  • Weekly Prayer Groups
  • School’s Out Celebrations
  • Church Date Nights
  • All-Church Picnics



What Warr Acres’ Incredible Pizza Company Provides:

  • Quality All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • Healthy Menu Options
  • Large Selection of Video Games and Attractions
  • Exciting and Safe Facility
  • Alcohol Free Environment
  • High Quality Audio Visual Equipment
  • Big Screen TVs for Videos or Slide Presentations
  • Climate Controlled Private Rooms
  • Private Rooms to host up to 400 people
  • Full Facility Rental Available – host events up to 2,500 people



  • "We always visit a certain family entertainment complex so when our family suggested Incredible Pizza we were open for it. I was amazed with the large food buffet and varieties. You could choose pizza, salad, fried chicken, hot dogs, veggies, and even tacos. Plus, they had the usual dessert bar of ice cream, jello, puddings, and cakes. The best part was you could choose your room to watch a movie while eating. I believe they had at least 3 viewing rooms but could have had more. We chose to sit and watch Shrek on our visit. Once you are full you have to decide on where to start. You have games, laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, or a 3D short movie. They also have a sectioned off area for the smaller kids. Plus, I think you have a little better variety of toys to win."
  • “Very clean and very good service.”
    Lynn M.
  • “Your food choices, games, music, and decor; simply wonderful…creating the ultimate family restaurant.”
    Anders G.
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Warr Acres' Incredible Pizza, Church Group

Church Events

Regardless of denomination, churches are looking for new ways to reach out to attract new individuals and keep families in their congregations. With churches becoming diverse and large in size, it is easy to lose touch with the needs of many. One way to keep your members enthusiastic and create a sense of belonging is to participate in a church event at Warr Acres’ Incredible Pizza. You can bring members together through fellowship in one of our climate controlled private rooms that are designed to host 300 people or more.

Tulsa, Youth Group OutingsWarr Acres’ Incredible Pizza Company was founded on the most universal of Christian values – a desire to help families and friends come together in a safe and fun environment. At Warr Acres’s Incredible Pizza Company we have everything you need to make your gathering beneficial as well as meaningful.


Youth Group Outings, TulsaWe recognize each church organization is unique. Tulsa’s Incredible Pizza offers everything you need to ensure your congregation will have a great experience, safely for their entire stay. Depending on your group size, you can buy out the entire facility for your party or group event. Our themed dining rooms and ability to cater to almost any party size along with our large selection of fresh foods is sure to meet all your needs and beat your expectations. Our event planners will listen to your requests and customize the experience to fit for your outing – all within your budget!