IPC Benefits

We understand that benefits and a great working environment are an important part of an employee’s total experience. Our benefits and incentives programs are industry competitive and have been designed to attract, reward and retain the most talented people in every market.

All team members are eligible for the following benefits. Eligibility requirements vary based on the benefit plan, your position, the number of hours you are hired to work, and your years of service.


  • Performance Awards –high performing employees may receive prize cards and awards
  • Years of service awards – America’s Incredible Pizza Company values the commitment of employees to the Company and rewards employees who have been with the Company for multiple years.
  • President’s club – America’s Incredible Pizza Company has established a President’s Club which honors and singles out those employees who are “top of the top” and “best of the best.” Winners receive a special pin and cash bonus.
  • Promotions – America’s Incredible Pizza Company strives, when possible and in the best interests of the Company, to promote its existing employees to higher level positions that become open or are newly created.
  • Newsletters – we periodically publish a newsletter which celebrates the successes of the company and our employees and keeps everyone informed of upcoming events.
  • Meal and game discounts for employees!
  • Medical and dental insurance plans are available for those team members who work an average of 40 hours per week.