Our mission at Americas’ Incredible Pizza Company is to provide our guests with the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious food available. Recently we have spent a lot of time and effort analyzing our all you can eat buffet menu in an attempt to improve the quality of our food.

  • Nachos

  • Tetrazzini

  • Green Beans

  • Tacos

  • Kettle Cookies

  • Cinnamon Rolls & Icing

New and Improved Pizza

We started with the most logical item; OUR PIZZA! Incredible Pizza has always served, well, Incredible Pizza! But now, it is even better. We created a signature Pizza Seasoning, a savory blend of cheese, herbs, and spices, that is sprinkled on every pizza before the toppings go on.

We taste tested dozens of Mozzarellas and picked a Mozzarella that, although more expensive, ensures that every bite of pizza is creamy, cheesy, and delicious! We also sampled multiple toppings and upgraded both our beef and sausage toppings. These new toppings are made with little to no filler and use all natural meats, herbs, and spices.*

We critically examined the way that we cooked our pizzas. After dozens of taste tests with you, our customers, we discovered that you liked our crusts a little crispier. To that end we began cooking our Original Crust and our Crispy Lavosh Crust on pizza screens. The screens allow moisture to escape ensuring that the end crust is a perfect golden brown, with just the right amount of crunch. We are Incredibly proud of our new pizzas and we think you will agree that our new and improved pizzas are the best in the business!

New and Improved Pasta Bar

We had a critical mission to taste our Meat and Vegetable Marinara Sauces and see if you can come up with a better recipe. After spending weeks taste testing different versions of our signature Spaghetti Sauces and the new sauces we created something nothing less than spectacular! Both sauces start with farm fresh vegetables, the finest tomato products on the market and for the meat sauce, we added Italian Sausage to lean ground turkey and fresh ground beef. We then created a special blend of herbs and seasonings for the sauces and boosted the flavor profile with a little Red Wine. The new sauces are, again, Incredible!

New and Improved Pizzazz Bar

Our team didn’t stop with Pizza and Pasta. Their next challenge was our Pizzazz Bar; the place you can find many of your home cooked favorites like Mac n Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie. The first thing we changed was our Mac n Cheese; we made the sauce even cheesier and changed our cooking method to ensure that our Mac n Cheese is always rich, thick, cheesy, and delicious! For our Chicken Pot Pie, we improved the original recipe by adding cream to give the filling a creamy texture. We then tested our new Pot Pie in individual foil tins. And so fare every one loves it! Now, each guest can get an individual Chicken Pot Pie baked in its own container. It is the perfect way to serve this dish! Other items on our Pizzazz bar that are new and improved are our corn.

New Taco / Nacho Bar

If you haven’t been to Incredible Pizza in awhile then you may not have had the chance to try our new Taco / Nacho Bar. We have taco meat, fajita chicken, nacho cheese and tortilla chips.

New and Improved Desserts

Finally our culinary team hit the dessert bar to see if there was any way to improve our incredible desserts. They tackled our signature Cinnamon Rolls first. Even though our Cinnamon Rolls have always been wonderful, out team discovered a few things that have made our cinnamon rolls even moister, lighter, and delicious. The team created a home made vanilla-butter cream icing that is out of this world! Chef Clary and his team also improved our cobblers by creating a home made crumble topping, then serving the cobblers in individual, foil tins. Now you can have your own individual cobbler each time you come to visit!